An easy to follow guide on what rarity points mean for your collection and when shopping the marketplace for new bobblz https://bobblz.io

The bobblz collection prides itself on being the most unique project in terms of animation, art, and variety, and of course utility. With the genesis collection having 13 different trait attribution slots, and over 300+ hand drawn traits - working out a rarity points program matrix that fairly represented the collection was tough. But we are proud to unveil the bobblz rarity points system.

It is not as simple as attributing each slot percentage and combining to arrive at a score. For instance, the male bobblz have facial hair within the collection and it would not be fair for the woman bobblz to be put at a disadvantage in regard to bobblz rarity points. Especially with how many great unique woman traits that we are proud to show off, it would not be a fair representation.

Another thing that the was thoroughly flushed out was the rare hair colours such as green, purple, blue, etc. These are rare in nature as for their distribution in the collection, however they are a hidden trait - meaning there is no rarity attributed to them. This was done purposely so that even if a very unique and great looking bobblz in terms of colours, that did not rank overly impressively on rarity points, was still accessible for everyone on the marketplace.

Look for these points in your collection pieces and while shopping on the marketplace, the rarity points for each bobblz will be shown directly under the bobblz edition #. In addition, for future utility and bobblz clout - each collector will have a bobblz rarity point cumulative total showing in their collection next to the โ€œmy bobblzโ€ title above your collection.

<aside> ๐ŸŒŸ 200-399 Bobblz Rarity Points

Common Rarity

1st Quarter Genesis percentage chance = 51%


<aside> ๐ŸŒŸ 400-499 Bobblz Rarity Points

Limited Rarity

1st Quarter Genesis percentage chance = 30%

Look out for these as the fastest moving pieces on the marketplace


<aside> ๐ŸŒŸ 500-599 Bobblz Rarity Points

Rare Rarity

1st Quarter Genesis percentage chance = 13%

These pieces will involve many sports related traits paired with unique animations and traits.


<aside> ๐ŸŒŸ 600+ Bobblz Rarity Points

Epic Rarity

1st Quarter Genesis percentage chance = 5%

The rarest in the collection outside of super rare 1/1


<aside> ๐ŸŒŸ 1500+ Bobblz Rarity Points

Super Rare Rarity

1st Quarter Genesis percentage chance = 1%

Youโ€™re in elite company, all super rares are made as a 1/1 piece and rank at 1500 points. The 4 golden bobblz in the collection (1 minted per quarter) rank at 2000 points and are the absolute rarest.