With us getting closer and closer to the genesis 1st quarter mint, the team here at Bobblz would like to confirm what it all means.

Here are the deets as to why you should care!

  1. It gets you WL(whitelisted)/presale access before the public can
  2. It is limited, only 1000 spots over the 4 quarters then OG is gone and allocated, never to be opened again

What is the difference between OG and WL?

Following each and every quarter we will compare the addresses that were minted in any of the previous quarters with all newly minted addresses, verifying in our discord as well. Meaning, that leading up to 1st quarter you may have gotten OG role in our discord, filled out the form, but for whatever reason did not mint any Bobblz NFT. This is completely fine, however, we are reserving the rights for OG status members to actually have minted as part of either the presale or public sale in order to retain their role as OG.

For example: Leading into the 1st Quarter there are 500 people on our counters in Discord that are OG role in our discord server. Let’s say only 296 actually mint during either the presale or public sale. Following the quarter mint period, all OG’s will be required to use our verification bot in our discord. Should you wish to hold onto your OG status, you will need to verify you are holding at least one Bobblz NFT and that new list will become the newly updated OG list.

After the second quarter will do the same thing. OG holders that were verified from the first quarter and new Bobblz holders from the 2nd quarter, we will ask you again to do the same again after the second quarter and verify your wallet. You must have a Bobblz in your wallet to remain and keep that OG status to keep it fair to others who are here to help grow the community and brand, increasing value for all holders while doing so.

OG is different in the following ways:

All OG holders will have a special place in our hearts as they have been an integral part of our community-building early on and throughout our quarterly mint release of the genesis collection. And we want to reward them as such.

All OG’s will get access to an OG-specific channel and play a part in how we provide value back to hodlers (new to the NFT world? This is how we spell holders sometimes).

From our secondary sales, there will be 2% of these funds allocated back into a Bobblz holders fund, dedicated to giving great stuff back to our community. OG’s will be at the helm of this to provide feedback and direction around how we allocate benefits back to Bobblz holders.

The first 1000 that hold OG status throughout the quarterly genesis release, will get entered into a draw for a 1/200 “Day One OG” limited edition IRL bobblehead figurine. On top of that, it comes with an airdropped token of this truly rare piece.

Entered into a draw, there is a 1/5 chance you can win one of these if you secure that OG status. Those are great odds!

What happens with the 1000 OG spots filled? Can I still get access to the presale?

Yes, you absolutely can. Because we are going to be auditing the list throughout the quarters, we will keep our OG list lean and expect it take all four quarters to fill due to our quarterly re-verification.

However, if it does fill and everyone really comes together earlier than we expect - we will access the list after each quarter and let the OG holders know that while we can keep them in the OG role we have to also open up new spots each quarter to those not in the Bobblz / Trophiez ecosystem. The more holders we have, makes everyone's investment grow - so this will be something that benefits everyone.

Ok! What are you waiting for?